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Category: News

Sparkie – Mixtrack AM Mix (08-10-2017)

Well, it’s been a while, a very long while, six years in fact, since I last done a mix! I got myself a new setup and done this 75 minute mix at 2AM with headphones only. Its a random selection of tunes.

You can download the MP3 here (320kbps / 172MB) 2017-10-08_Sparkie_Mixtrack_AM_Mix.mp3 or play on SoundCloud below. Enjoy 🙂

Turnster MiniMix

Here is a little 70 minute mix from the Turnster this evening! Download HERE or play below. Enjoy!

Madex – Liquid mix, 6 years ago

Hanz posted in our Facebook group about a mix from DJ Madex which was live here 6 years ago.

I just saw today’s date and I couldn’t help myself.. 6 years ago, liquid mix by Madex was made. still remember, still listening and i’m gonna listen it today especially! I remember when i first had it on my disk and played it over and over again, every day for almost a year in a row. each and every tune from that mix warms my heart when i listen it somewhere and i have a flashback of my high school years. that’s memories…

Thanks Hanz, and thanks Madex! You can grab this mix from here, or listen below. It is 3 hours long:

RIP Shirley Crabtree (Dazz)

It’s a very sad day today. ShirleyCrabtree (Dazz), part of the 247 family, passed away aged just 50. He was such a friendly guy, always there, always happy and has been involved with 247drumandbass.com from the very beginning.

From all at 247, we will never forget you Shirl, always a part of 247…

Rest in peace friend.

‘ShirleyCrabtree’ – Dazz. 18/7/1965 – 1/12/2015

ShirleyCrabtree (Dazz)

ShirleyCrabtree (Dazz)

Nightbreed UK LIVE set, November 2015

Listen to the set from Nightbreed UK that was live on 6th November. 100 downloads available on Soundcloud!